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Agenda and Meeting Notes



Unicoi County Prevention Coalition

105 Rock Creek Rd. Ste. 4

Erwin, TN 37650

  1. Introductions

  2. Youth Engagement Training-Justin Sweatman-Weaver

  3. TNPAC updates-Christy Smith

  4. Coalition updates

  5. Next meeting date?

  6. Adjourn



Unicoi County Prevention Coalition

105 Rock Creek Rd. Ste. 4

Erwin, TN 37650

  1. Introductions: Joan Hoglund, Jennifer Berven, Daniella Davis, Insight Alliance; Jason Abernathy, Lifeline; Lori Moore, Greene County Anti- Drug Coalition; Jill White, Frontier Health; Melony Ison, Adam Kuykendall, Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition, Corey Paulson, Miranda Russell, Ballad Health; Trish Burchette, ACTION Coalition; Jilian Reece, Carter County Drug Prevention; Samantha Loveday, Red Legacy Recovery; Emily Brooks, Carter County Health Department; Shaun Street, Greene County Health Department; Maurice Box, CDTF; Stefan Pienkowski, Quillen College of Medicine  

  2. Youth Engagement Training: Justin Sweatman- Weaver

  3. TNPAC updates- Christy Smith

    1. Tony Stowe presented on GIS systems showing overdose data and overlaps utilizing geographic locations to create hotspot maps. QGIS is a free mapping software similar to google maps. ARCGIS is more top of the line software and has more features but costs $7-$3,800/year. Christy will share more information with members via email.

    2. Kathy Glapa reported that there are six permanent drop boxes left if anyone needs one. She reported that 19, 294 pounds of medications were collected during the April Drug Take Back.

    3. Leah Festa reported that tobacco 21 did not pass and will not be looked at again until 2020. She reported that a bill to allow alcohol delivery did not pass. Medicinal marijuana did not pass. Alternative treatments for pain including physical therapy and acupuncture passed. Jennifer Berven reported that there are changes with Tennessee ABC that we should be monitoring. They are now allowing online server trainings and have proposed the class be changed to three hours. She noted that we should closely monitor these changes and ensure best practices are in place. She is currently recommending to businesses that all new employees who have never been trained to attend a class and to allow repeat employees to be online.

    4. TNTogether would like coalitions to be recognized on their website. Please email updates to Alexis McAllister.

    5. Tony Jackson reported that coalitions should be including sucicide prevention in their coalition education efforts. Heatherly Sifford is the local contact for the TSPN and may be contacted at heatherly.sifford@balladhealth.org

    6. John Rust with TCCY reported that they have started a new opioid prevention program in after school settings.

    7. State coalition meeting will be August 5th-6th at the Drury Plaza. All coalitions must RSVP via Eventbrite by July 5th.

    8. Dennis will be doing SAPS training in September for new coalition staff

    9. TPN statewide meeting will be August 7th.

    10. Doug Scanlan continues to be the region one representative.

  4. Coalition updates

    1. Stefen reported that he is a second year medical student working to assess barriers to substance use disorder treatment for gender and sexual minorities in Carter, Sullivan and Washington Counties. Currently he is looking for providers willing to sit down with him for a 30 minute recorded unidentifiable interview. Please contact him at pienkowski@etsu.edu to participate.

    2. SSt Box reported that they are hiring a new staff person. He also reported that in Middle Tennessee they have been seeing marijuana laced with fentanyl. He also reported that they are seeing a “badge” nicotine device in middle schoolers.  

    3. Jilian Reece reported that Carter County Youth Coalition is hosting a summer camp from July 29-August 2 and she would love to involve kids from other counties. She also reported that Carter County’s Maternal Health Forum “Meeting Moms Where they Are” will be August 26th at TCAT. Registration is live on the ETSU CME website.

    4. Jennifer Berven reported that the Tough Pill to Swallow Conference will be August 16th This conference includes required prescribing guidelines for physicians. Registration is live on the ETSU CME website. She discussed the Opioid Overdose Tabletop Exercise and that coalitions are generally unsure of our role should an overdose occur. She encouraged each coalition to determine how they would be involved.

  5. Next meeting date: Jilian will send a doodle poll after the yearly dates are set. The meeting will be in November at ACTION Coalition with a back-up plan of Insight Alliance in case of inclement weather.