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Agenda and Minutes


Northeast Tennessee Prevention Advisory Council is a collection of agencies in Northeast Tennessee who promote healthy and safe behaviors and activities including those that prevent underage drinking and the onset and progression of addiction and the negative impact it has on individuals and community.


February 22, 2021

  1. TNPAC report: Regional Rep Christy Smith
  2. Member Updates
  3. Open NEPAC leadership position- Daniella’s
  4. Next meeting

Next meeting: 

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NEPAC Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2020 via Zoom 

Present: Christy Smith, Unicoi County Prevention Coalition; Alice McAffrey, Melony Ison, Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition; Doug Scalan, TDMHSAS; Trish Burchette, Roxanne Roedel, Denise Woods, ACTION Coalition; Joan Hoglund, Jason Abernathy, Jennifer Berven, Daniella Davis, Insight Alliance; Ashton Belcher; Jill White, Frontier Health; Sam Loveday, Red Legacy Recovery; Jilian Reece, Jocelyn Marr, Shannon Payne, Carter County Drug Prevention 

TNPAC UPDATES from Christy: 

1. Liz Johnson: TN Dept of Health:

The Dept of Health has reallocated tobacco prevention monies for fiscal year 2021. From the CDC to federal grants will be fully funded. Leveraging CDC’s Tips from Former Smokers is a national tobacco education campaign that is shown on local stations throughout TN. Former smokers with health issues and those with 2nd hand smoke issues share real stories. Goal is to bring awareness-encourage smokers to quit-encourages smokers not to smoke around others. Key message: Immediate damage to the lungs with long term health effects. The 2nd funding agency goes to MCRC-Median Campaign Resource Center. This is a center that provides materials for non-paid media campaigns which you can share on Facebook. There is a Webinar in how to navigate MCRC on May 28th at 1pm. Other resources include smhs.gwu.edu which has a social media toolkit, tobacco use prevention and cessation classes, and emerging issues in commercial advertisement. There is also a Youth engagement in Tobacco Prevention and control user guide. Please see a presentation for websites.

TN Strong is still planning to have a Fall Virtual sometime in September or October 2020. They are unsure right now for plans for 2021.

2. Drug Free Tipton: Sierra Butler

The coalition has a coffee break for their weekly regional zoom meetings to get information on what regional coalitions are doing during the Covid-19. Plans they implemented were Chalk Art Challenge, Family Scavenger Hunt, Virtual Presentation Week activities, Media Campaigns from Obion County, examples of additional ideas such as Sticker Blitz and Zoom games, Social Distancing Walk, and they developed a National Prevention Week video which incorporated all Region 6 Coalitions. 

3. Bushra Malabari: Boys and Girls Clubs of Tennessee Valley

Bushra is the Director of Outcomes and Evaluations at the organization. There are 20 organizations and 102 local club sites in the Tennessee Valley. The organization has served 57,803 youth that are involved and their ages range from 5-18. They have 230 staff and are hiring for summer months. They started the Smart Move Prevention Program during the Covid-19 which helps youth with skills, mastery, and resilience training. The organization also has an Emotional Wellness session for k-12 students. They are still open for operation for attending members and non-attending members. They have developed the Program in a Bag-which implements 10 different challenges for youth members.

4. Melesa Lassiter: Region 6N ROPS Coordinator

She spoke about the strategy’s response to the pandemic during the months. She has used Zoom for meetings as well as WebEX. She also uses Eventbrite for registration. She is still advertising for the ROPS Training. There are pros/cons to delivering her presentations. Everyone does receive a training certification and kit. For participants who receive training face to face, she meets them outside at a pharmacy to deliver their certifications/kits and trains them on Naloxone right there at the pharmacy. 

5.Partners in Prevention: Chad Johnson and Kayce Matthews

The PIP conference for May went virtual. There are three presenters for the conference that was supposed to be held from May 18-21st. Monday 18th Rebecca Juarez’s session: Words Matter is a presentation about the importance and impact on the language we use when we are speaking to someone who has an addiction, substance use disorder, alcoholic, etc. The session teaches one how to re-frame your language to better align with the best practices when communicating. Tuesday May 18th, Sharon Travis will discuss and explore the connections between racial bias, prevention, and the use of restorative approaches. On May 19 and May 21, Athina Kladis will provide preventionist an opportunity to meditate and stretch the body through yoga.

The conference is recorded. Chad spoke about the Prevention Solution at EDC at the Higher Education Center. They offer quality courses that are self-paced for prevention specialists. There is no cost and classes are on a first come-first serve basis.

Partner Updates

Lt. Teal with the National Guard said programs are put on hold right now. The Stashed Away trailer is almost completed. They will have a link for coalitions to register for the trailer. Maurice Box is leaving the National Guard Drug Task Force. 

Kathy Glapa said there are no available prescription boxes left. There are 357 locations across the state of Tennessee now. Some boxes may be locked due to Covid-19. People need to call their Police Department to see if they are available.

Susan Miller with TN Depart of Health has county level data for 2019. This is the annual report released every year

Lacey Hartigan-EMT has all data tools moved to online now…so coalitions can check on their county data. 

STATE WIDE Mtg will be Virtual in July

Next TNPAC meetings is November 10th


Trish shared that ACTION’s Summer camp is virtual this year and will be held June 1-4th and July 5-8th. They have registration packets for youth and giveaways. Their education will be on Zoom. The Senior Picnic in which they partnered with an organization in community provides 100 backpacks to students with both an anti-alcohol logo with the state’s logo. They filled them with alcohol prevention and binge drinking information. ETSU and Milligan College will be there for the event. The Action Coalition appeared on WJHL for Drug Take Back information. Kandas spoke about proper disposal, guideline changes, lockboxes, and drug deactivation bags. They also have an Opioid PSA video on WJHL. Trish is working on a HRSA grant right now.

Alice shared that SCAD is having Zoom Meetings with the Youth Coalition. A prescription box has been installed at a pharmacy in Sullivan County. They have a Personal Responsibility Up Media Campaign-Training in ACE’s and Trauma Informed Care-Building Strong Brains. Their Coalition meeting brought more people to the Table via Zoom. Sherry Barnett is offering a series of training in the month of May and June. Overdoses have increased 5-15% since last year.

Jennifer Berven reported that there is a National Council on Behavioral Health series presentations online which introduces Coalitions with new tips. Jen spoke about the Beer Board, how she consults with new businesses seeking beer licenses and her server permit classes. Jen spoke about RX disposal packets and postcards. They are distributing them to Law Enforcement and other places but want to place them where people can get them, maybe funeral homes. One of their grants has allowed them to provide button cameras for law enforcement for compliance checks. ABC is providing more compliance checks than before within Washington County. Daniella is working on PSA/Radio Ads. Online resource sharing. Becky with WQUT gave them some free time for PSA’s. 

Shannon Payne shared that he is the Mentorship Program Coordinator for Carter County. They have a program to get mentors/youth connected and currently are providing resources for them to meet virtually. They need participants to get trained and wait for a background check. Anyone can be a Mentor for youth. United Way is purchasing tablets for the youth involved in the Mentor Program. They have been providing “talking to your kids” packets to schools who are providing food to students. There will be a Triple P Virtual Training in June if anyone is interested. Jocelyn shared that CCDP has community members lined up to become trained in Triple P parenting throughout the next two months so that they can increase their reach in the community for supporting parents. She shared that the youth coalition just worked with MADD to offer virtual Power of Parents and Power of Youth training. MADD will provide those for free to any group. Jocelyn noted that their youth coalition vice president was chosen to be a national SADD Ambassador and has been sharing great resources with the coalition. She shared that she and two other youth coalition members are doing “pick up” compliance checks for TABC soon to evaluate curbside alcohol pick up and she is doing a sticker shock campaign reminding parents to keep alcohol away from their kids while everyone is home from school. CCDP is doing training about trauma for adoptive and foster parents on June 11th and asked everyone to share. Dolly is working on their community needs assessment for DFC and appreciates input from anyone who has completed one or has advice to share. Jocelyn shared that their weeklong summer camp was scheduled for the week of July 21st, but may be cancelled or moved to a virtual option pending COVID guidelines at that time.   

Christy shared that they handed out 2,100 Talk About It packets via school program for youth receiving food during the Covid-19. Coalition is finishing up on DFC Grant Application.